How To Increase Your Productivity

One of the greatest things we can do to improve our productivity is to break-down our daily activities and notice where we are spending most of our time.

The Productivity Pyramid by Eben Pagan is great place to start when looking to improve productivity.

High Lifetime Value
Eg. Diet, Exercise, Family, New Projects, Business Ventures

High Value (£)
Eg. Work, Career Progression, Sales, Marketing

Low Value (£)
Eg. Admin, repetitive tasks

Zero/Negative Value
Eg. Poor food and lifestyle choices, energy robbing activities, distractions

Take some time to fill our your own pyramid and identify your highest to lowest value activities. When you’ve done that, prioritise your highest activities in your day and make sure you get them done.

A great tip is to get your highest value activities done early on or at a time of day when you have the most will power and energy.

By prioritising your highest value activities in you day you will find yourself being way more productive and be able to move towards your goals much more effectively.


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