Learn How To Manage Stress And Perform At Your Best

I’m Pete Fry – a Performance Coach from the UK – and I help professionals, executives and business owners manage their stress and perform at their best.

With a Personal Development background of 20 years, 12 years coaching experience and a 6th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu, my approach to helping high-performers manage their mind through times of stress is different.

Unlike common stress management techniques like mindfulness and self-care, my pro-active approach is focused around helping my clients use stress in their favour and turn it into high-performance focus.

Here’s an example…

Think of the last time you were stressed.

Would you describe your energy as low or high?

My guess would be high.

Our body naturally responds to stress by increasing our energy – this is our fight-or-flight mechanism at play. Many stress management techniques are designed to get us away from this state which can alleviate the symptoms of stress but doesn’t always help us get the job done.

The technique I’ve learned in 18 years of Kung Fu training is different.

Clearing the mind is a great skill to develop but there are times to do it, and times not to do it.

When things get stressful, it’s time to break out the big guns and get into the mindset of High Performance Focus.

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