Hi, I’m Pete – a Performance Coach – and I help people improve their confidence so they can stay calm under pressure, manage stress and perform at their best.

Whether you’re a professional that needs to speak, present or lead more effectively or you just need to manage the stress of everyday life better, I can help.

I was always shy and under-confident as a kid but there are things that I’ve done throughout my life that have helped me overcome my fears, insecurities and self-doubt, and my mission is share these lessons with you so you can improve your confidence, manage stress and perform at your best when it matters most.

Growing up I was always a quiet kid but one thing I was drawn to at a young age was music. I started learning the trumpet at school and my first experience of performance anxiety was in music grading exams. These were terrifying experiences where you’d have to perform a few pieces of music stood on the stage in an empty theatre next to an examiner, sitting there watching you. I nearly gave up music a few times because of the pressure of gradings!

Things changed for me when I joined a soul band at the age of 16 as their trombone player. The first few gigs were a nervous experience but regular performances soon became the norm. I also started to develop a love for the guitar at this point and my experience of gigging gave me the confidence to start my own band in my twenties – something I’d always wanted to do.

Around the same time I started studying martial arts – again something I’d always wanted to do. The pattern of learn, develop then test under pressure was the theme here too, and every Kung Fu grading I did was equally nerve-wracking.

I stuck with it and got my Black Belt in 2007. This was easily the highest pressure experience I’d had at this point – 6 years of learning demonstrated in 2 hours, zero mistakes allowed, overlooked and assessed by my teacher and his teacher.

Kung Fu has taught me a lot and I’ve dedicated myself to it’s study – 19 years and counting as I write this. I now have my own school where I get to sit behind the desk in gradings!

The main thing I’ve learned from my journey is that confidence is something you develop over time and earn through taking action.

We live life in our comfort-zone, using our skills to help us get by. If there’s something we can’t do or that we’re not so good at we have a choice – learn to do that thing, or decide that it’s not for us and let someone else do it.

The easy option is turn away from these challenges and stay in our comfort-zone. The more difficult but ultimately more rewarding option is to spend time and effort learning new skills then use those skills in the real world, which often requires testing them under pressure.

The risk here is failure – there’s always a chance we won’t perform well and might look or feel stupid – but it’s getting through THIS process that builds confidence.

Self-awareness is also important – knowing how you respond to stress and noticing the things you avoid because of fear. 

Fear can stop us in our tracks and prevent us from moving towards the things we want and achieving our goals. The only way to overcome fear is to use courage – be brave and take action in the face of fear. The reward you’ll get is confidence, something that will serve you for the rest of your life.