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How To Keep Yourself Focused, Motivated And Moving Towards Your Goals

Pete Fry
Hi, I’m Pete – a Coach, Martial Artist and Entrepreneur from the UK.

Reaching your goals isn’t always easy.

It takes time, effort and determination to achieve success and staying motivated can be tough.

Having the right mindset is essential to help you stay focused, solve problems, overcome obstacles and keep yourself on the right track.

For me, studying martial arts for 18 years and achieving my 6th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu has taught me a lot about mindset, motivation and focus, and the lessons I’ve learned have helped me achieve success in business and life, and are the lessons that I pass on to my coaching clients.

How To Use The Right Mindset To Keep You Moving Towards Your Goals

Reaching your next level of success is all about staying focused, handling problems as they come and keeping yourself motivated.

A high performance mindset has 3 parts:

  1. Focus
  2. Creative Problem Solving
  3. Self-motivation

Focusing on the right things is important. This can be anything from optimising your physical health, to planning your day and prioritising your tasks, to making big leadership decisions.

The next part is creative problem solving. Problems always arise on the path to success and developing your mind’s ability to solve problems creatively is important. Of course problems come in all shapes and size and our biggest problems often lie within our own mind.

The last part is self-motivation. Staying motivated is tough and finding your real drivers is the key to keeping your head up when things get tough.

Once you have these 3 parts in balance, you’ll be more focused, taking on the right problems and be more motivated when working towards you goals.

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