Discover The Secrets Of Mindfulness And How To Use It To Manage Your Stress And Perform At Your Best

I’m Pete Fry – a Coach and Martial Arts Teacher from the UK – and I help professionals, executives and business owners use mindfulness to manage their stress and perform at their best.

With a Personal Development background of 20 years, 12 years coaching experience and a 6th Degree Black Belt in Traditional Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, my experience of coaching mindfulness is very different to the current trend.

The Truth About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is on trend at the moment which is a great thing, but the bottom line is that true mindfulness is not something you can simply read about in a book and become proficient at.

Real mindfulness, like real martial arts, is a study, and is something that you become proficient at through regular practice.

The good news is that once you build the right routines to help you develop real mindfulness, the stresses of life no longer cause the issue they once did.

Rather than practicing meditation as a countermeasure to stress (a technique based approach) mindfulness, when practiced correctly, is something that becomes part of you, your psychology, your day-to-day decisions, your relationships and much more – you become a mindful person.

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