Mastering your emotions is important. Mindfulness is a practice that we can deploy to help us stay focused as it is the process of monitoring and regulating our thoughts.

Once thought of as ‘woo woo’, mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular, but it is important to understand it.

Mindfulness is awareness of our emotions and learning to regulate our emotions is important to help us keep focused on our short and long-term goals.

Stress isn’t always noticeable until it’s reached a certain level, by which time it may be affecting our actions or our progress.

Acting in the presence of stress requires mindfulness – if we don’t have it we can easily end up acting against our best interests.

Constructive action is what mindfulness is all about.

Notice I said ‘action’.

There is a misunderstanding around mindfulness where you may end up avoiding taking action or doing what is right in favour of reading another self-help book or getting lost in nature.

Remember, the path must be travelled to be of use – standing still for too long will get you nowhere.