How To Speak, Present & Lead With Confidence And Perform At Your Best Under Pressure

Pete Fry – Performance Coach

In a few moments I’m going to reveal the simple process you can use to improve your confidence but first, let me ask you a few questions…

Do you need to improve your confidence speaking, presenting or leading?

Do feel nervous in high-pressure situations?

Do you worry about making mistakes and fear judgement from others?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of the questions above then I can tell you from personal experience that you’re not alone.

I didn’t have much confidence growing up – I was a quiet kid in school that often felt nervous in social situations.

My earliest experience of performance anxiety was when taking music exams.

I can remember being about 8 or 9 and stepping out on stage in an empty theatre, reciting scales on trumpet to a stern looking examiner (they were probably perfectly friendly, but that was my perception!).

I hated the whole experience, and can remember feeling physically nervous and having that uneasy feeling in my stomach.

Performance really wasn’t my thing…or so I thought.

Things only started to change for me in my early twenties when I started learning martial arts, which started something that became a 20 year journey into personal development.

In that time I’ve worked in corporate sales, launched my own coaching business, and in more recent years opened my own martial arts school.

What I’ve learned is that confidence isn’t about being a natural-born performer, or having a extroverted personality…

It’s about taking action…right at the edge of your comfort-zone.

And when you do this you get confidence back in return.

The problem is that this is one of those things that’s simple, but not easy – especially on your own.

FEAR can creep in, and without support you can find yourself procrastinating and avoiding doing the things that you know you should.

Then you end up in a loop of inaction which does nothing for your confidence.

This is where coaching comes in…

Performance Coaching will help you take the action that you need build your confidence, overcome performance anxiety and start performing at your best under pressure.

Coaching will help you:

  • Overcome performance anxiety and nerves
  • Speak, present and interview with more confidence
  • Eliminate self-doubt, overwhelm and the fear of judgement
  • Manage stress more effectively
  • Avoid procrastination and take more action

…and much more.

Having the support and accountability of coaching is often the missing link that will help you start taking action and building your confidence step by step.

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    Stephanie Ferry
    Stephanie FerryCommunications & Stakeholder Manager

    Some people just get it. Pete is one of those people. He can get you to the core of your issue before you even realise you’re being coached.

    If I had to sum it up, Pete’s coaching has given me three things; awareness, accountability and action. Not only do I understand my motivations better but he’s helped me realise it’s what I do with that insight that counts.

    No review can tell you the true value of Pete’s coaching, have a conversation with him and see it for yourself.

    Rebecca GuestProgramme Manager

    “Pete is an inspiring, understanding and motivating coach. The sessions help me to tune into what I need to grow.

    I can see subtle changes in my thoughts that ultimately pave the way for better wellbeing and sustainable growth. Investing in myself through coaching has been a real positive, especially in this weird time for the world. It has allowed me space to take a step back and gain control of my own destiny.

    I look forward to our coaching sessions where I gain new insight and challenges to take forward to the next week. Thanks Pete, you are an awesome coach.”

    Tiffany MarshallTechnology Lawyer

    “I first came to Pete because I had a lot of goals but no direction. After just a few weeks working together I felt an increased sense of purpose, added confidence, and a definitive, clear path forward. I look forward to sharing my progress with Pete every week – and each session together has been well worth it.”

    FREE 30 Minute Coaching Session

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