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Hi, I’m Pete Fry. I’m an entrepreneur, coach, martial arts teacher and musician from the UK and I’ve created a full-time income from my passions since 2014.

I’ve been working for myself around my passions for most of my adult life but I’ve only seen success in the last 7 years.

As someone with multiple passions one of my struggles has been staying focused on the right thing at the right time, but through persistence I’ve figured out how to make a full-time income working for myself, doing work that I love. I now run a successful Injury Rehabilitation business, a Personal Coaching practice and a Kung Fu School.

In my FREE report Confident Entrepreneurship I explain the simple process I use to decide whether a business idea is worth time, effort (and money) to test and is the same process I’ve ultimately used to start and grow 3 successful business around my passions.

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