Confidence Coaching

How To Speak, Interview And Present More Confidently

Hi, I’m Pete – Confidence Coach.

Confidence is an interesting thing. It’s a feeling. Something we experience in the absence of fear.

When it comes to speaking, interviewing and presenting, natural ability and confidence is very rare.

Some say the fear of public speaking is similar to the fear of death, as the social rejection we might experience would have meant a lower chance of survival in tribal days.

Building confidence to speak, interview and present confidently requires 3 things:

  1. A positive self-image (inner game)
  2. Ability (outer game)
  3. Action (performance)

The first thing we need to come across well is good self-image. Seeing ourselves in positive light means we look less to others for approval, which is big plus when communicating

The next is ability. There are many techniques that can be used to help you present well. These techniques are tools and when used correctly can help you build confidence in your own ability.

The final thing you need is action. All of the inner-work and skill development in the world wont help you perform at your best without action. Practicing and performing need repetition to become the best it can be.

Where Real Confidence Is Built

Confidence Coaching

If you need help speaking, presenting or interviewing more confidently, coaching can really help.

Confidence Coaching is about helping you get to work on the inner and outer game of confidence, helping you improve your self-image, learn new skills and then use those skills under pressure to get you performing at your best.

Confidence Coaching will help you:

  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Speak and communicate more confidently
  • Prepare for a job interview
  • Learn to control your nerves
  • Deliver confident presentations

…and much more.

Ultimately, confidence comes from learning new skills then testing those skill under pressure. When you go through this process your inner confidence naturally improves as your comfort-zone increases.

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