Confidence Coaching

How To Break-Free From Fear, Anxiety & Self-Doubt And Finally Find Your Confidence

Do you want to move up to the next level professionally but lack the confidence?

Do you know you’re capable of doing a job but feel like your confidence is holding you back?

Or do you want to communicate more confidently and feel like you’re respected and valued more?

If any of these problems sound familiar, I can help.

I’m Pete Fry – Confidence Coach – and I help people improve their confidence and perform at their best.

Confidence is an interesting thing. It’s a feeling. Something we experience in the absence of fear.

A common misconception about confidence is that it’s a quality we either have or don’t have – something that’s fixed.

Fortunately this isn’t true.

Confidence is associated with a set of positive beliefs you have about yourself and if you need to improve your confidence you ultimately need to change those beliefs, and the only way to do this is through action.

Here’s the thing…

Fear is what stops us taking action but confidence is the result we get from acting through fear.

The problem is acting in the face of fear is hard, and this is where Confidence Coaching can really help…

Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching is about helping you find the beliefs you have that are holding you back, then helping you develop new skills that will lead you to take more action.

New Skills + Action = Confidence + New Beliefs

Confidence Coaching can help you build:

  • A clear vision for yourself and your future
  • Renewed self-belief
  • New skills
  • Physical, emotional and intellectual confidence
  • A positive, healthy self-image
  • A plan of action to help you build your confidence step by step

…and much more.

Ultimately Confidence Coaching brings awareness of the areas you need to work on, gives you the tools you need to start working on your confidence, then keep you on-track and accountable to make sure you’re taking action where you should be.

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