Confidence Coaching

How To Break-Free From Fear And Finally Find Your Confidence

I’m Pete Fry – Confidence Coach.

I’ve been helping people overcome their fears and build their confidence since 2014.

Whether it was helping someone regain confidence moving following cancer surgery, regain confidence after a physical attack, or step out on stage to deliver a great presentation, my work has been varied but confidence has always been the common theme.

Confidence is interesting. It’s a feeling. Something we experience when we have certainty in our capabilities or that we can handle the outcome of a situation, whatever it may be.

When confidence is low it’s common to hide from our fears rather than face them and this lack of action only serves to strengthen the belief that “we can’t”.

This is where confidence coaching can help…

Confidence Coaching

Confidence coaching is all about helping you get to know your fears then help you overcome them one step at a time.

It’s our fears that hold us back and changing our beliefs and building our confidence takes time, but through hard work and practice you can see real results.

How It Works

The first thing coaching will help you do is become very clear on exactly where you lack confidence and dig into the fears that are supporting this belief.

Then you’ll look at your current abilities, highlight any skills that you need to progress forward then get to work developing them.

Finally, and most importantly you’ll take action – the hardest step of all. Coaching will support you every step of the way and being held accountable really helps – without action there’ll be no progress!

Once you have been through the coaching process and taken action you’ll be more aware of your fears, and have a strategy and an action plan to help you start regaining your confidence.

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