Learn Coaching Skills For Success

Discover The Power Of Coaching And Improve Your Effectiveness With Your Team, Clients Or Co-Workers

It’s widely accepted that coaching skills are an important part of leadership and if you want to improve your communication and interpersonal effectiveness, learning how to coach is one of the most valuable skills you can learn.

Coaching is all about getting the best out of someone and a lack of coaching ability can really hamper the results you get with a client or member of staff, or worse, cause unnecessary friction in the workplace.

Build Great Relationships

When you can understand someones thoughts and emotions, how they think and how they operate, what scares them and what inspires them you can really start to connect with them on a deeper level and get the best out of them.

With an extensive background in professional personal coaching, helping people overcome life changing conditions and getting out of pain after years of suffering, my aim is to help you learn the most valuable coaching skills I have so you can become more effective with the people that you work with.

I’ve put together a 6 week program designed to help anyone improve their coaching skills.

What You’ll Learn

Coaching Mindsets

Coaching Definitions

When To Use Coaching

Establishing Success Mindsets

Qualities Of Attention – Presence


Asking The Right Questions


Personality Type

Using Their Language

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Awareness (Mindfulness)

Managing Your Emotions (Self-Regulation)


Motivating Others

Who Is This Program For?

This program is ideal if you are a manager that wants to get more out of their team members, or a therapist or trainer that works with clients one-to-one that wants to connect with their clients on a deeper level and get better results.

Where You’ll Be After The Program

Once you’ve completed this program you’ll have a much greater understanding of coaching and be able to connect with people in a much deeper way and really get the most out of them.

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