Improve Your Self-Discipline, Focus And Confidence So You Can Finally Grow Your Business

Hi, I’m Pete – Personal Coach to Entrepreneurs.

When it comes to starting and growing a business there are a lot of things you need as an entrepreneur – an idea, passion, knowledge and skills…and that’s before you have to execute.

As you launch and grow your business a lot of fear can come up – the fear of failure, losing money, looking bad, wasting your time on the wrong thing…the list goes on.

Fear as an entrepreneur can be subtle but also crippling to your success.

Secretly fearing judgement from others means you’re far more likely to play it safe and do all of the ‘easy’ work behind the scenes, then when it comes to getting yourself out there you just don’t take the level of action that you should.

As an entrepreneur will a successful Personal Coaching business and Martial Arts school, I’ve found that success comes from 3 things – confidence, focus and discipline.

As a Kung Fu student of 18 years, Black Belt for 12 and Teacher for 4 (I opened my own school in 2016) confidence, discipline and focus are three things I’ve had a lot of experience with.


As an entrepreneur confidence is crucial. Having the confidence to try something regardless of the outcome and not fear judgement in the process is vital to your success.

This is where passion and knowledge are useful – if you know your subject and you’re passionate about it taking action in the face of fear is much more likely, helping you learn and progress forward faster.


The second thing you need is self-discipline. In Kung Fu self-discipline is all about daily practice, self-awareness and self-control – useful skills for entrepreneurship.

Building the right habits as an entrepreneur is vital to your success and often require serious discipline to build.


The third thing you need is focus. Learning to control your mind and stay focused on the task at hand is a skill.

There are many ways we can become distracted and learning our own psychological triggers helps us to keep our eye on the ball.

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  • Generate new levels of confidence by creating new powerful habits

…and much more.

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