My coaching journey started in the fitness industry in 2008 which led me in to the field of rehabilitation, helping people overcome long-term pain and injury.

Working with people in pain showed me how important a client’s psychology was to their success and my sessions quickly became focused around building coaching positive psychology and building confidence.

Moving away from physical rehabilitation into personal coaching has allowed me to work with clients at a deep level, helping them make profound and lasting change in their lives.

My Story

I didn’t have much confidence growing up – I was a quiet kid in school who kept out of trouble and often felt nervous in social situations.

Things only started to change for me when I started my own personal development journey in my early twenties.

Twenty years later improving my confidence has helped me start my own business, build great relationships and see success in other areas of life that I wouldn’t have thought possible.

What I’ve Learned About Confidence

I’ve learned that confidence is something you get through taking action and facing your fears, especially when it comes to things that are really important to you.

This isn’t always easy though and sometimes you need a helping hand.

My mission is to help anyone that lacks self-confidence find the courage they need do push challenge their own boundaries and achieve things that are important to them that they thought just weren’t possible.

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