Pete is a Coach, Martial Arts Teacher and Movement Specialist from the UK.

After starting work in web industry in 2000, Pete decided to follow his passion for fitness in 2007 and become a Personal Trainer.

In 2013, with a passion for movement and helping people overcome their psychological barriers to success, Pete retrained as a Movement Specialist so he could help people get back to training after injury, surgery or long-term pain and founded Sport Function.

Pete was a shy kid who didn’t really find his confidence until he started studying Martial Arts in his early twenties.

With Kung Fu as his chosen martial art, the physical and mental challenge it presented Pete proved to be an invaluable personal growth experience – learning new skills, daily practice, getting out of your comfort-zone and facing your fears.

In 2016, after 15 years of study Pete opened Cardiff Kung Fu Academy to pass on this great art form.

Pete’s passion is helping people overcome their physical, emotional and psychological barriers to success and is able to do this through his coaching, teaching and training.