3 Tips For Starting A Successful Coaching Business

If you’re looking to start a coaching business make sure you do these 3 things…

Hi, I’m Pete Fry, an entrepreneur and coach and I’ve earned a full-time income from coaching since 2014.

I started out in coaching in 2008 and struggled for a long-time to make a full-time income from it.

As the years went on there were a few lessons I learned that ultimately helped me launch 3 successful coaching and teaching business and brands that have provided me with a full-time income, working only part-time hours.

Hopefully these 3 things will help you start and grow your own successful coaching business…

1. Know Your Market

A lot of coaches start out with their idea, passion and enthusiasm and use that to create a business that they think is appealing.

Great, but what about your ideal customer? Does you brand, service and messaging speak to them?

The best place to start when launching your new business is with your ideal customer. When you know their fears and frustrations as well as their wants and aspirations you can (and should) align your branding, marketing and service around that.

2. Be Specific

One of the big mistakes you see new coaches make when they start out is the broad nature of their offering.

A good example is in fitness (that’s where I started out) where you see offerings like “Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Fitness & Nutrition”. At a first glance this may seem like a reasonable message, but imagine you want to lose 5 stone – the message wouldn’t appeal. The same goes if you wanted get fit for a half marathon – the message is way too general. You get the idea.

It might make sense to go broad with your message at first as you want to help as many people as possible achieve their goals, but what most coaches don’t realise is that being general comes at a cost.

Ultimately the more people you want to help and the wider the selection of goals you want to help them with, the less people you will actually end up helping.

3. Charge For The Results You Can Provide, Not Your Time

One of the lessons I learned after working in the fitness industry for several years was that selling my time per session or in block of time was a huge mistake. When you do this you make yourself comparable to others.

The problem is that when you do this a potential customer who is looking at price per session will then compare you to another coach who is charging per session and will then likely choose their coach based on price.

When you commit to working with a client and associate the price with the results they’re going to get they’ll automatically stop comparing you to other coaches as it’s not longer x vs y.

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