How To Overcome Fear Of Judgement

Fear of judgement is unfortunately one of those things we all have to deal with from time to time.

The thought of being judged negatively as a result of our actions often stops us in our tracks, makes us think twice about what we’re about to do and sometimes stop us taking action altogether.

Social acceptance is important to us humans and we’re naturally wired to seek the approval of people we value and respect.

Fear of judgement goes beyond this though and we can often fear judgement from people we don’t even know!

Luckily, the fear of judgement is like any other fear and is something that we can work to overcome.

So how to we do that?

When we set goals they naturally lie outside of our comfort-zone, meaning that we often have to do something uncomfortable to get us there.

Fear of judgement is part of this discomfort and requires we need to use courage to keep us moving through.

When we use the mindset of courage to take action, we acknowledge the fact that there’ll be people judging us as we go but we continue on our path as we know it’s the right thing for us to do.

Ultimately the more you do and the more you put yourself out there, the more judgement you’ll receive. Remember that some of that will be good judgement too, but none of that really matters.

What matters is that you’re taking action towards the things that are important to you regardless of judgement – this is what builds confidence.

Another great way to look at it is that judgement is inevitable and if you receive it when you start taking action towards your goals take it as good feedback that you’re actually moving.

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