The 3 Things You Need To Improve Your Confidence

There are 3 things you need to improve your confidence:

1. Self-Awareness (Awareness)

Self-awareness is all about knowing the things you fear and what you do to avoid feeling that fear.

Let’s say you have a fear of social situations – you might avoid going to social events. And what happens when you have an event that you have to attend? Do you start making a list of excuses why you can’t go, or get angry that you have to go?

Self-awareness is essentially about become aware of the things you think, feel and how you behave, then making better decisions for yourself.

2. Develop Your Skills (Ability)

Skills help us perform at our best so lets go back to our social situation example. If you avoid going to social events because your fear feeling uncomfortable there you could go out an learn some new skills to help yourself out.

You could learn conversation skills, techniques to help you calm your nerves.

3. Performance (Action)

Once you’ve become aware of your fear-avoidance behaviours and you’ve worked on some skills to help yourself get by, it’s time to test them out.

Performance is all about stepping outside your comfort zone and taking action in the face of things that you fear. When you do this, you get confidence back in return.

Once isn’t enough though – repeated exposure is what’s needed.

The good news is that every time to take action and do the thing that scares you get a bit more confidence back in return, until eventually the fear no longer causes you any problems – this is confidence.

So there we have it – self-awareness, skills and performance. Notice the things you fear and what you do to avoid facing them, learn new skills to help you move forward, then take action and repeat.

Do this and you’ll improve you confidence.

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