How To Finally Start Taking Action Towards Your Biggest Goals

Taking action towards our biggest goals is not always easy. We often have things in our mind that we want to achieve but when it comes to taking action and moving towards our biggest goals it’s not always easy to get going.

This usually comes down to fear – the fear of judgement, fear of loss or the fear of discomfort or pain of some kind.

When fear outweighs our desire to achieve that thing, taking action becomes more difficult.

In this situation the thought of doing the thing we know we should do is often worse than the thought of doing nothing, so we do just that. Or worse, we do something counter-productive to our goal.

An example of this might be working out – you may decide to start a new training program on a Monday, then Monday evening comes it’s raining, you’ve had a long day and the thought of working out is just to uncomfortable…so you do nothing, then make bad food choices because you’re annoyed about it.

This is where courage comes in…

Fear is a primal instinct that is inbuilt and there to protect us. Acting in the presence of fear feels unnatural, and so to do that we need courage.

Acting with courage is all about doing what we know is right, regardless of how uncomfortable or fearful we might be in the present.

When we step outside our comfort-zone we will always be faced with fear and getting used to acting in its presence is the key to seeing progress.

The good news is that after enough repetitions we become used to that action so we no longer fear the discomfort – what was uncomfortable becomes comfortable.

The challenge then is to find something that creates a bigger challenge for us so we can move even further towards our goals.

If you find yourself avoiding taking action by doing nothing or finding other less important things to fill your time, decide on the action that you need to take and get ready to take that step.

If fear comes up, acknowledge it but don’t turn back. Use courage to take a step forwards, towards the thing that you want – the experience and confidence you gain will be invaluable over time and repetition.

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