Confidence vs Courage

Confidence and courage are both great qualities to possess but they are not the same thing.

Starting out in life as a shy boy to later becoming a Black Belt Martial Artist & Teacher and Personal Coach in my adult life, I’ve experienced my own journey of improving confidence and courage and have supported others through their journey too.

Hopefully what I share here will help you understand the differences between confidence and courage so you can use them both to achieve the things you want in life.

In A Nutshell…

Confidence is the knowledge that you can outperform any problems that come your way during any given task or activity; a feeling that everything will be alright.

Courage is ability to perform that task or activity in the absence of confidence.

Mindsets Of Confidence Vs Courage

Confidence is something we are.

It’s something that is deep within us; a feeling that everything is going to go our way and if it doesn’t, we can handle that too.

confidenceConfidence is not a choice, it is an emotion we feel in the absence of fear.

It lies deep within us and is gained through taking action, gaining experience, learning from our mistakes and keeping moving forward.

Courage is different…

Courage is something we do.

When we act with courage we are unsure of the outcome and accept that the result may not be positive, but carry on regardless as we know it is the right thing to do.

We need to use courage when faced with fear.

Courage comes from a place of heart – a place where our values matter and drive our actions.

Acting with courage provides us with experience that educates us – whatever the outcome, we know we are doing the right thing.

Courage Is A Choice

Courage is a choice.

Confidence is not.

We can choose to act with courage but we cannot choose to act with confidence.

We gain confidence from acting with courage.

Courage is an action, confidence is a result.

A cause and an effect.

Choosing to act with courage by stepping outside of your comfort zone is therefore a great way improve your confidence.

courageWhen you experience a positive result from acting with courage you gain confidence, and repetition of this experience will increase your confidence further until it becomes second nature.

If you experience a negative result from your actions, it’s important to question why things didn’t go your way, get advice, learn and try again.

In the words of the great Napolean Hill – “Failure cannot cope with persistence.”.

Hopefully you can see that our confidence is something we have control over and we can improve it by stepping outside of our comfort zone more often.

Good things happen outside of our comfort zone and achievement is no exception. Figure out what you want to achieve, learn what you need to learn, surround yourself with people that support your goals and take action – the results will speak for themselves.

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