productivityOne of the big challenges we face as entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals is maximising our productivity and getting more done.

In this day and age we’re surrounded by distractions and our time is often limited, and to be more productive it’s important to study the mechanics of productivity so we can go to work on the parts that require the most attention.

Productivity has 3 main parts, which can each be broken down into 2 further parts:

1. Planning – The What, Why & How

  1. Set Goals
    Get clear on what it is you’re doing and why you’re doing it
  2. Create A Plan
    Put a plan in place to get there – a broad schedule and a daily schedule

2. Execution – The Doing

  1. Increase Physical Energy
    Maximise your physical energy and focus by balancing your nutrition, work, exercise and rest
  2. Environment
    Create or put yourself in an environment where you can minimise distractions, feel inspired and be productive.

3. Leadership – Vision & Strategy

  1. Keep A Macro View
    Reviewing your progress, plan and execution strategy (parts 1 and 2) regularly is essential.  If you lose sight of your goals, veer from your strategy, lose energy or get distracted your productivity will suffer.
  2. Have Flexibility In Your Approach
    Setting clear goals but being flexible in your approach is key to productivity. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to adapt to your circumstances and environment when necessary.

Focusing on the different elements of productivity is a great way to improve the way we work for more efficiency and more output.

Each one of the points above is a blog post in itself (and will be!) but in the meantime think about which of the areas above you are naturally the strongest and which areas you are naturally the weakest and start thinking about ways you could improve your productivity.

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