Survival Mode, Self-Discipline & Success

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Have you ever wanted to start doing something that you know you should do…but you just haven’t got started yet…like going to the gym, or eating better?

Or maybe there’s a conversation that you really need to have with somebody that you keep putting off.

If this sounds familiar the you may be in what I call ‘Survival Mode.’

Survival Mode

This is where you’re conserving your energy …and you’re getting by….but you’re not doing the things that are outside your comfort zone that you know you really should be doing.

Health is a good example…

We can survive eating all kinds of rubbish, but for long lasting energy and good health we need to make good choices with our food. The healthy option may not deliver the short-term fix we might be craving but for long lasting energy we need get outside our comfort zone a little and eat the foods we know we should be eating.

Self-Discipline Mode

When we starting doing this, we move into Self-Discipline Mode where we’re using our energy to do the things we know we should do, regardless of whether we feel like it or not.

This is where will power comes in – we only get a small amount of it every day so it’s best used to start creating new habits, which is the foundation of self-discipline.

When we perform an action frequently enough and for long enough it becomes a habit, which is something we do automatically and eventually will become part of us.

Success Mode

survival mode, self-discipline and successWhen we’re reach this point we’re in Success Mode – where we often don’t need any will power do the right thing – we just do it automatically.

The cool thing is that we can apply this way of thinking to health, relationships, work… so think about where you’re in survival mode and just getting by, where you’re in self-discipline mode and forming new habits, and where you’re in success mode and automatically doing the things you need to do to be successful.

Working on our weakness is a great way bring our whole game up so whatever area it is you want to improve, notice how it is that you’re surviving and put an action in place to repeat frequently so you can start to build a habit and get into self-discipline mode.

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