How To Stick To Your New Years Resolutions: Part 2

Step 2 – Create An ‘Over-Solution’ For Your New Behaviour

One of the great techniques I’ve learned for ensuring success when forming a new habit is creating an ‘over-solution’ for it. This is about putting conditions in place to ensure you perform your new behaviour, no matter what.

Lets say your goal for the new year is to eat more healthily and your one action is to eat a healthy breakfast everyday. An over-solution would be to have a stock of healthy breakfast food choices in your cupboards so you know you’ll never run out and slip back into your old breakfast habits.

One of the reasons we fail to stick to our new years resolutions is a lack of preparation. When we have awareness of our current behaviour and then create an over-solution for our new behaviour, we can really take control.

The idea is to be super-prepared for our new behaviour. Rather than simply thinking about being prepared, shifting our thought to ‘over-solutions’ helps us to figure out the things that are most likely to get us to take our new action.

Here are a few examples of ‘over-solutions’ that increase the chance of taking our new action…

One Action Over-Solution
Meal prep Hold a stock of healthy food in your cupboards so you don’t run out
Going to the gym Hiring a personal trainer
Drink a glass of water upon waking Leave a glass or bottle by your bed or bathroom sink every night so you don’t forget
Going to bed on time Set an alarm 30 minutes before bedtime to start your pre-bed routine

These may seem a little over-the-top at first, but we have to play tough when breaking old habits and creating new behaviours.

Creating an over-solution for the one action you chose in part 1 will make sure you follow through on it and help you avoid making excuses for not doing it!

In part 3 we’ll cover ‘Creating New Habits’ – the most important step in sticking to your new year’s resolutions!