Your Personal Strategy For Success

Discover The Tools You Need To Create Time, Energy And Focus In Your Life

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of our goals in life or find ourselves in a place where we don’t have the time or energy to do the things we really want to do, which can leave us unmotivated and unhappy.

We all get busy and stressed at times (maybe all the time!) but living a successful life isn’t about removing stress – it’s about learning to manage it while keeping sight of our goals and creating the time and opportunities to do the things we want to do.

It’s easy to lose perspective too, and the moments of clarity that we need to steer ourselves in the right direction can be few a far between.

This is where coaching comes in.

Personal Coaching is about getting perspective on your own life, setting goals and putting a strategy in place to achieve them, and this 12 Week Coaching Package designed to do just that.

12 Week Personal Coaching Program

In this 12 Week Personal Coaching Program we’ll identify the areas of your life that are stopping you from achieving the things you want and put strategy in place to help you create the time, energy and focus you need to get them.

Here is how the 12 week program works…

Session 1 – The Ultimate Scenario

Ask yourself: what would life be like if things were perfect? How would you feel if everything was exactly as you wanted it to be? In this session you’ll create your personal vision for the future.

Session 2 – How To Stop Tolerating

Each of us has areas of our lives where we waste precious time, energy and effort. This Coaching Tool teaches you how to stop tolerating situations you shouldn’t.

Session 3 – Productivity Pyramid

To become more effective, you must identify and become conscious of the activities and time investments you make throughout your day so you can focus on your highest value activities.

Session 4 – The Grey Zone

When you rapidly switch from one activity to another, you create interruptions for yourself. This exercise will help you operate more effectively and efficiently.

Session 5 – Designing Habits

If you do the same thing at the same time everyday for 30 days, you’ll create a habit. It’s important to invest our time everyday creating the right habits.

Session 6 – Managing Your Emotions

In order to master yourself, you must learn to manage your emotions. You’ll be given a “timeline” tool to manage and regulate your emotions, particularly negative ones.

Session 7 – Build Your Mastermind

The most powerful force for change in your life are your social influences. This session teaches you how to build a “mastermind” of 5-10 people who have already achieved an outcome you would like to achieve.

Session 8 – Design Your Ideal Life

You’ll learn how to design your ideal life by looking at each level of your personal and professional life.

Session 9 – Take Your Life To The Next Level

Learn how to design an even more holistic, ideal life. You’ll learn how to identify what the next level looks like in six key areas of your life.

Session 10 – The Life Purpose Insight

Each of us is on a unique path in life and each of us has a unique purpose. This lesson helps you identify that purpose.

Sessions 11 & 12 – Bonus Sessions

These sessions can be used to explore areas in more detail or that aren’t covered in previous sessions.

What Happens Next?

At the end of the 12 weeks you’ll have set yourself new goals, gained new awareness of the things that are holding you back in your life and discovered your best opportunities for personal growth and success. You’ll have started to form new habits and have a strategy in place to move in the direction you have chosen.

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